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69 or Sixty-nine is one of the most preferred love-positions in which both the partner performs oral sex on each other. The escorts lies on top of the man and sucks the penis of the male straddling her knees near the head of her partner while the male lies on his back aligned to give oral sex to the escort. As this resembles the number 69, hence it has been named as such. Enjoy different variations of this position for getting an awesome and unforgettable experience with your dream girl. Besides the classic 69, you can go for inverted 69, sideways 69, squatting 69 and standing 69 with greater degree of control and flexibility each adding fun and excitement as well as pleasure in the same.


Known for greater physical intimacy and convenience, spooning is one of the four basic sex positions that many people love. In this position the male partner lies side by side to the female escort with her right leg slightly bent at the knee. The pleasure-seeker penetrates his penis in the vagina of his partner with ease and enjoys slow sex without making too much movements or acrobatics. This is not only comfortable but also provides a host of benefits like relaxation, intimacy, and emotional well-being. Release stress and enjoy single shot or multiple orgasms with your choicest escort. Feel free to choose your dream girl for spooning from models, housewives or college girls in Chandigarh and experience a world of difference.


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